Welcome to our site.  Here you will be able to find suppliers for all types of Kevlar helmets and carbon fiber helmets, in the colors and styles you need to enjoy your adventure lifestyle. With a wide variety of manufacturers and choices, you will have no problem finding the lightest, smallest, and lowest profile carbon fiber helmets around.  The latest carbon fiber technology allows for the production of material that is light-weight but, at the same time, stronger than ever, offering protection levels that meet or exceed the DOT certification standards.

When choosing the perfect carbon fiber helmet, superior quality, comfort, protection, and proper fit are all items that should be considered.  Becoming an informed consumer before you head out to make your purchase can save you time and money, and improve your overall experience with your new headgear.  For whatever activity you will pursue, there is likely a carbon fiber helmet that has been created with your unique needs in mind.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets
Offering maximum protection, full face helmets are worn by motorcyclists everywhere.  Whether you ride a Cruiser, Streetbike or Sportbike, helmets by brands such as Bell, Akuma, Dayton, and O’Neal will give you the selection you need to match your personality.   With this style, you will find exclusive features not found elsewhere, such as Bluetooth helmets, built-in microphones, and noise canceling helmets.

When selecting full face carbon fiber helmets, pay attention to the construction techniques chosen by the manufacturer.  The specific technique will determine the strength, durability, and price.  For maximum strength, ensure the entire shell is constructed out of carbon fiber composite material.  Although you will pay more for this construction method, your new helmet will be as strong as possible.  The alternative manufacturing method is to cover a fiberglass or plastic shell with carbon composite weave.  This offers adequate protection, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Half Shell Motorcycle Helmets (Skull Cap Helmets)
A favorite among those who would prefer to ride with no helmet, these low profile helmets meet government regulations and offer protection while still providing you with the sense of freedom you are looking for.  With the addition of carbon fiber technology, these minimalist helmets will make you feel like you are riding with no helmet at all.

This type of motorcycle helmet is usually cheaper than a similar style full face version, but offers less protection.  Typically, these helmets will not offer eye protection and will not protect your face in the event of an accident.  When choosing any style, always make sure to purchase a DOT certified helmet.

Ski & Snowboard Helmets
Ready to stay focused on your line throughout your entire run?  Look into a a ski or snowboard helmet with a composite fiber build.  Even if you chose a full face helmet, these things are going to feel light as air and improve your time on the mountain.  Look for features such as rear vents to provide a balanced airflow for maximum comfort.

When creating that perfect winter look, make sure you check out carbon fiber goggles from makers like Oakley.  You can find highly rated eye-wear with true carbon fiber frames inexpensively at Amazon.com.

Equestrian Helmets
Carbon fiber riding helmets can provide the ultimate in fit and comfort, reducing helmet shift on your ride.  Features such as front ventilation strips and rear vent ports will provide proper air circulation, cooling your head.  Look for models with a dial fit system to make quick adjustments for a precise fit.

To complete your premium outfit, look for other carbon fiber accessories such as carbon fiber riding boots, horseshoes, or even saddles.

Welding and Grinding Helmet Hood Masks
Welding is a precision job that can be stressful.  Utilizing a carbon fiber welding mask to take advantage of its lightweight design can reduce neck tension and fatigue.  New auto-darkening lens technology allows for one mask to be used for 3 modes of operation – weld, grind, or torch – while remaining balanced to help eliminate the top-heavy effect you may feel with other mask/helmet combinations.

When selecting a carbon fiber welding helmet, look for comfort features such as an auto-adjusting lens, micro-fiber forehead strap, and extra screen protectors.