Discover the Best Leather Jackets for Women: Ultimate Jacket Comparison Guide!

If you’re in the market for a new leather motorcycle jacket, you’re probably doing all of the research you can to ensure you get the most for your dollar. We all have our personal preferences in the style of jacket we want, and many websites share their opinions on the best women’s leather jacket. Unfortunately, opinions sometimes aren’t enough. That’s why I have put together this page. The interactive chart of jackets below will help you decide which jacket is the best one for you.

ImagesDescriptionLeather TypeMax SizePriceRating
Xelement Womens Black and Pink Tri-Tex Fabric Motorcycle Jacket with Level-3 Advanced ArmorTri-Tex fabric5XL$4.9
First MFG Women's Hourglass Motorcycle Leather JacketSoft Milled Cowhide 1.1-1.2mm5XL$$4.7
Ladies Reflective Skulls Soft Naked Cowhide Leather Motorcycle JacketSoft Naked Cowhide 1.2-1.3mm5XL$$$5.0
Mossi Classic Women's JacketGenuine Leather20$$4.4
First Manufacturing Women's Scooter JacketMilled 1.1-1.2 millimeter cow's leather5XL$$4.8
First Manufacturing Women's Classic Motorcycle JacketMilled 1.1-1.2 millimeter cow's leather5XL$$4.3
Xelement Womens Classic Braided Cruiser Motorcycle Leather JacketPremium Top Grade Cowhide Leather2XL$5.0
First Classics® Women's Vented Scooter Leather JacketSoft milled cowhide leather5XL$$5.0
Interstate Leather Ladies Fringe JacketPremium cowhide2XL$$5.0
Interstate Leather Ladies Stripe JacketPremium cowhide2XL$$4.4
First Classics® Women's Riveted Classic Leather Jacket1.1-1.2mm thick Soft Milled Naked Cowhide5XL$$$4.7
First Manufacturing Women's Sporty Scooter JacketSoft naked cowhide 1.1-1.3 millimeter5XL$$$5.0
Ladies Cowhide Leather jacket with fringe, braid, side lace, and zipout linerPremium Cowhide Leather5XL$$5.0
Xelement Womens Black and Silver Multi Vented Motorcycle JacketsPremium High Grade Cowhide Leather5XL$$4.7
Leather Jacket Motorcycle Armor Ladies Black GM1.2mm Cow Hide LeatherXL$4.2
Xelement Womens BXU-100530 Dark-Brown Vintage Motorcycle JacketGenuine dark-brown distressed leather3XL$$5.0
River Road Women's Dame Vintage Leather JacketMedium-weight leather2XL$$$4.5

* Note: Based on discussions with riders concerned with the economy, we’re purposely not including expensive jackets from brands such as Schott, Alpinestars or Aerostich.

* This table is sortable. Click on any of the columns to sort the data to make your decision easier.

Leather Jackets for Women Comparison Guide and Key

Included in the table are 6 columns:

  • Jacket pictures
  • Jacket brand and name/model (click to see more details or to purchase)
  • Leather type
  • Maximum available size
  • Price – These are approximate prices from The prices can change based on supply, demand, promotional activities, and more. In general, $ = $50 – $100, $$ = $100 – $200, $$$ = $200+
  • Rating – The average user rating on This can be an important tool to use, since you’ll be able to determine if actual purchasers are satisfied with their jacket.

The styling and fit of your jacket is going to play an important role in how comfortable your riding experience is. Additionally, fit is an important factor in your jacket providing optimal protection… especially if you decide to purchase a jacket with additional padding or body armor. If the size is too big, the armor can shift back and forth or not line up on your body correctly. If you get one that’s too small, it will constrict your movement, making the ride uncomfortable and hindering your full control of the bike.

We’re used to trying on clothes in a store and standing in front of a mirror to admire the look. Sitting on your bike will put your arms and core in at different angles than you’ll experience in a dressing room. So after you make your purchase, put on the jacket and sit on your bike. Get into a few of your riding positions to get a feel for how the jacket sits on your body. Motorcycle jackets tend to be designed with longer sleeves to counter the effect of leaning over from a sitting position with your arms extended. Check that your sleeves do indeed fit properly… and while your at it, make sure the jacket is long enough to cover the top of your pants.

One thing you may notice when reading reviews is that many jackets tend to run small. Be aware of this and be prepared to order a size larger than you would wear in a sweatshirt or everyday jacket.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your bike, so make sure you spend the extra time needed to ensure a proper jacket fit.

Cold Weather Riding
The first key for cold weather or winter riding is a removable liner. Having a removable liner will help keep in body heat, but will also provide flexibility on those occasions where the sun comes out enough to warm up the day a bit. Fortunately, many of today’s best leather motorcycle jackets feature removable liners.

The second important factor is resistance to moisture. From a material perspective, leather isn’t noted for performing well or drying out quickly after being caught in the rain. Because of this, you’ll want to use a good leather protector and make sure the jacket seals in all the places where moisture can creep in during a ride. Particular areas to pay attention to are the wrists, waist and neck. Look for adjustable wrist and neck closures, along with an appropriate torso length.

Warm Weather Riding
As with cold weather riding, a removable liner is important for summer riding comfort. Taking the liner out will reduce the insulation properties and will allow a bit of airflow inside the jacket. Letting your torso breathe while still offering an additional level of safety is the role of a good summer jacket.

Some leathers have ventilation openings that will increase your comfort during the heat. Also, look for light-weight leather jackets if you intend to do most of your riding in warm weather.

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the jacket options, it’s up to you to make the decision that best fits your needs, is in your price range, and helps improve your overall riding experience.