XXXL Motorcycle Helmets

Big grape? Large noggin? Are you having trouble finding an extra large helmet big enough to fit your man-sized head? Most helmet manufacturers produce up to XXL. Many of those same manufacturers also make larger helmets – some ranging up to 5XL. You will find as you get into these larger sizes, however, that the selection becomes a little sparse. Take some time to view the information in our website below about extra large motorcycle helmets, from brands to sizing charts to specific helmet models that will fit your head.


What XXXL motorcycle helmets are available to buy:

HJC CL-Max II (full-face helmet)

HJC CL-Max II (full-face helmet)
This modular flip up motorcycle helmet by HJC is a Bluetooth helmet (unit sold separately), and made with an advance polycarbonate composite shell. With its single-button chinbar/faceshield release, you can open this model with one hand – even while wearing gloves. The helmet shield offers 95% UV protection and utilizes the HJC QuickSlide shield replacement system for tool-less removal and installation. With an MSRP of $139.99 – 159.99, depending on color selection, this DOT approved helmet should fit squarely into most rider’s budgets.

What customers have said:
“This helmet is top notch.”
“I was surprised at all the features and construction of the helmet. It is the nicest one I have tried.”
“Just as advertised, easy to do things like raise the shield and open vents with the flick of a finger.”

Available versions/paint: CL-Max II Solid; CL-Max II Zader
Available large sizes: XXXL helmet; XXXXL helmet; XXXXXL helmet).


HJC CL-16 (full-face helmet)
The CL-16 is the newest model in the CL family (its predecessor was the CL-14). This version also offers advanced polycarbonate construction using the latest CAD technology, 95% UV protection faceshield, and quick faceshield removal via the RapidFire shield replacement system. To combat heat and humidity, the CL-16 utilizes their Advanced Channeling Ventilation System (ACS) to create a front to back airflow pushing hot air up and out. This helmet also has HJC’s SpeedCool interior, allowing you to remove the moisture-wicking anti-bacterial fabric liner for quick drying if needed. The MSRP for the CL-16 ranges from $129.99 to $149.99 depending on style.

What customers have said:
“It looks good, good airflow, good fit.”
“The Pinlock anti-fog system is amazing.”
“The thing has never fogged up the air flow is great and it fits very well, the foam and padding adjusted nicely.”

Safety note: Although smaller sizes meet the Snell m2010 helmet standard and DOT standards, the large 3XL motorcycle helmet is only DOT approved.
Available versions/paint: CL-16 Slayer; CL-16 Hellion; CL-16 Carnage; CL-16 Narrl; CL-16 Solid; CL-16 Shock; CL-16 Razz
Available large sizes: XXXL helmet

Arai Signet (full-face helmet)

Arai Signet (full-face helmet)
For those of you with a head that is longer front to back than it is side to side, the Signet-Q by Arai could be the choice for you. Building on the RX-Q, the new model is 5 millimeters larger front to back. While a seemingly small increase, wear testers have noted the larger size has reduced hot spots and and headaches for those with long oval heads. In addition to the roomier shell, the Signet-Q features a 10mm wider eye port for improved visibility, advanced ventilation for better airflow, and a micro-fit headliner which utilizes 5mm peal-away temple pads. Also look for the removable neckroll, repurposed brow vents, and a new aerodynamic exhaust vent cowling designed to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency. MSRP for the Signet-Q ranges from $589.95 for solids to $719.95 for graphics.

What customers have said:
“Best helmet of any make I have ever owned!”
“It doesn’t get any better than this. This helmet fits me perfectly!”
“Good looking and minimal fogging, only fogged during cold rain while sitting still. Wish there was more room in chin area.”

Available large sizes: XXXL helmet (given the larger sizing of this model, you may need to step down to an XXL helmet – try a fit test with a certified retailer to confirm)

Arai Classic/m or SZ/m (open-face helmet)
This is the classic first-time helmet; the kind you had as a kid. Only this time around, it has grown up to fit your 3XL motorcycle helmet head. This helmet features the Brow Vent Faceshield Ventilation System to provide airflow to the upper face area to keep you cool on your ride. Custom fit feature include removable cheek pads for micro-fit adjustments. At the time of printing, the MSRP on the SZ/m ranged from $392.95 – $514.95.

What customers have said:
“Great fit and comfort from the first time on. This is my third Arai helmet and have only great things to say about them all.”
“This is the best helmet I’ve ever had, and fits me pretty much perfectly. The only drawback to it is that the design of the face shield lets wind in at the corners. This may be fine in the summer, but not so great in the cold.”
“It fits snug and is comfortable. With a size xxxl head, the only drawback is the chin strap is a bit short.”

Available large sizes: XXXL helmet

Scorpion EXO-900 (full-face helmet)

Scorpion EXO-900 (full-face helmet)
The EXO-900 is a full-face, flip-front modular, and 3/4 helmet all in one! This model features EverClear no-fog faceshield technology and a retractable SpeedView sun visor. For comfort, the helmet has adjustable front and rear vents for maximum airflow control and removable/washable KwikWickII moisture-wicking helmet liner and cheek pads. This helmet is comm kit friendly on the left side, and DOT and ECE 22.05 certified. MSRP for the EXO-900 Furtive TransFormerHelmet is 289.95.

What customers have said:
“A super helmet at a great price. This helmet takes less than one minute to change from an open face to close face.”
“Helmet is heavy, but worth its weight. Buy one!”
“Excellent helmet. Scorpion really did it’s homework on this one…knocked it out of the park!”
“The helmet is very handy especially with my glasses and the integrated sun shield. I can definitively recommend this helmet to people with glasses and if they want to a durable full-face and cruiser helmet.”

Available large sizes: XXXL helmet


Other manufacturers of 3XL motorcycle helmets:

Vega (Altura (full-face) & NT 200 (open-face) – both available in 3X, 4X and 5XL helmets)
Shoei (FR-1000 & Multitec)
Bell (M3 Xtra & RS-1)
AFX (FX-Magnus & FX-17)
Fulmer (M1/AF M10)
Daytona (many 3XL and 4XL helmets)
Zeus (ZS-1200A)


Motorcycle helmet head size chart:
First, let’s understand that online motorcycle helmet size charts should be used a a guide only. Nothing beats getting professionally fitted by a certified retailer. To get a general idea of your size, use a cloth measuring tape in the following manner: Wrap the tape around the circumference of your head, just above the eyebrows. Pull the tape comfortably snug before reading the measurement. If possible, record the measurement in both standard and metric (inches and millimeters) to match the standards published by each manufacturer.

After you select a helmet size and try it on, be sure to check for proper vision. Your eyes should be lined up in the middle of the helmet eye box for optimal visibility. If your eyes are more toward the top of the eye box (not centered), then the inside liner will be in your field of vision when you go into a crouched position. Your brain is in the top of your head, not your face. So when looking for proper fit, remember to fit the helmet to the top of your head first and then fit your face. Purchasing a helmet with adjustable/removable/interchangeable face and cheek pads will aid in finding a comfortable fit.

Use our helmet sizing chart to determine your proper size:

sample motorcycle helmet size chart